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Has Your Water Meter Been Stolen Or Damaged?

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Preventions for Water Meter Theft & Damage

Had your water meter been stolen? Consumers are unaware that water meters are stolen at an alarming rate. We can provide a Galvanized Steel Cage to protect your water meter, hot water unit or air conditioning system. All of our installations are completed quickly and professionally without compromising on quality workmanship.

How do we prevent your water meter from being stolen?

With our tailored cage systems, your water meters are safe and secure. The strength of these cages is created by using galvanized steel to ensure strength and longevity. Worried about your meter not being read? Don’t worry, out cages are designed so that your water meter can be read by the council to arrange appropriate payments.

Our licenced plumbers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to reconnect your water supply fast. We carry all the fittings to connect all size water supplies and we will organise a new water meter and backflow protection. Once your new water meter has been installed we supply and installed the galvanized steel meter cage to deter future theft.

At Plumbing Construction we have a large stock of cages to suit any application, ready to install now!

Although we are leading suppliers and installers of water meter cages we also provide security cages for hot water systems and air-conditioning units.

If you are interested in engaging our water meter solutions please contact our friendly and professional team today.

Has Your Water Meter Been Stolen Or Damaged?

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